getstatd is a simple http server emulation daemon that allows users to watch their accounting statistic and admins to watch general users statistic, terminal lines and other system wide statistic for any period of time.
Basic features:

* User's detailed statistic per each login.

* Statistic for system administrators and trusted users ( who is online, 
  last logins, summary statistic per user and tty lines statistic).

* Supporting 4 external plugins (same as netstat, uptime, ping, etc).

* Calculation summary and day/night statistic.

* Visualization in any web browser without using of any http servers.

* Two methods of automatic user authentication (without entering user 
  name and password)  and standard name/password authentication (POP3, 
  local crypted/encrypted passwords).

* 4 access control lists: allowed users, allowed admin users, allowed 
  plugin users,  excluded users in calculation.

* Simple HTML forms for interface modification.

* Realtime watching for user/system state.

* Add-on monitoring pack. Test for free disk space, max file/dir size, pocess 
  status, network services (telnet,ftp,http,pop,smtp,etc), dns, ping, 
  network interfaces, routing, suid programs, warnings in log files.
WBR, Maxim Chirkov

Powered by FreeBSD and Linux
default: main window, user statistic, plugin statistic, old plugin statistic, line statistic.
all_in_one: main window, statistic.
by_month: main window, statistic.
for_user: main window, statistic.
multi_gsmon: main window.
only_mon: main window.

Available for download now ! Mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3.
Sample of configuration files: getstatd.conf, gs_mon.conf for Linux and gs_mon.conf for FreeBSD.
getstatd FAQ (russian).
 Download current version: GETSTATD-20000508 
GETSTATD 2.0-dev branch features
New features: SSL, filters, unlimited plugins, html trees, hours, gif, jpeg, command line system administration utility, extended includes, IP ACL, SNMP based monitoring in gs_mon, ACL inversion, multi-time periods, support for compressed and rotated wtmp, billing, etc.
Getstatd 2.0 is a secure and comfortable way to control statistic data generated by network and system monitoring tools (same as MRTG, ARGUS, Big Brother, spong, arpwatch, mon, netdiag, hqmon, net-acct), security auditing and intrusion detection systems, traffic control tools, logfiles monitors, SNMP statistic viewers, interfaces to kernel level accounting data, etc.