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Linux Migration to Promise RAID Card HOWTO

Benjamin Simkin


Revision History
Revision 1.52003-03-25Revised by: bs
Revision 1.42002-12-16Revised by: bs
Changed URL for Promise website
Revision 1.32002-09-04Revised by: bs
Added Troubleshooting section
Revision 1.12002-08-05Revised by: bs

This document aims to outline the steps of how to migrate an existing (Red Hat) Linux install onto a Promise TX2 Card for the purposes of RAID-1 Mirroring. Although I am concentrating on Red Hat, the same principles may be applied to any other distribution.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. What?
1.2. Why?
1.3. How?
1.4. Copyright and License
1.5. Disclaimer
1.6. Contact the Author
2. Module Installation
2.1. What?
2.2. How?
3. Linux Configuration
3.1. What?
3.2. How?
4. Array Configuration
4.1. Building the Array
4.2. Changing Configuration Files
5. Monitoring the Array
6. Troubleshooting

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