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14. Sound cards

More information on sound drivers and sound cards can be found on Alan Cox's OSS page, ALSA, and the Linux Sound HOWTO.

14.1. Supported

OSS supports all MIDI daughter cards including Wave Blaster, TB Rio and Yamaha DB50XG. The only requirement is that the "host" card is supported by OSS. Note that only the "host" card needs to be configured using soundconf. The daughter card will be automatically accessible through the MIDI of the "host" card.

14.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

For the AD1816 sound chip based sound cards isapnptools is needed for configuration.

14.3. Unsupported

Please note that this section has not been updated recently. It is most likely incorrect.

The ASP chip on Sound Blaster 16 series is not supported. AWE32's onboard E-mu MIDI synthesizer is not supported.

Nathan Laredo <> is willing to write AWE32 drivers if you send him a complimentary card. He is also willing to write drivers for almost any hardware if you send him free samples of your hardware.

Sound Blaster 16's with DSP 4.11 and 4.12 have a hardware bug that causes hung/stuck notes when playing MIDI and digital audio at the same time. The problem can happen with either Wave Blaster daughterboards or MIDI devices attached to the MIDI port. There is no known fix.

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