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23. Summary of AX.25-related Linux commands

This section summarizes all of the commands that are specific to AX.25.

mheardax25-toolsDisplay AX.25 calls recently heard
ax25dax25-toolsGeneral purpose AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE daemon
axctlax25-toolsConfigure/Kill running AX.25 connections
axparmsax25-toolsConfigure AX.25 interfaces
axspawnax25-toolsAllow automatic login to a Linux system
beaconax25-toolsTransmit periodic messages on an AX.25 port
bpqparmsax25-toolsConfigure BPQ ethernet devices
mhearddax25-toolsCollect information about packet activity
rxechoax25-toolsRoute AX.25 packets between ports transparently
sethdlcax25-toolsGet/set Linux HDLC packet radio modem driver port information
smmixerax25-toolsGet/set Linux soundcard packet radio modem driver mixer
smdiagax25-toolsLinux soundcard packet radio modem driver diagnostics utility
kissattachax25-toolsAttach a KISS or 6PACK interface
kissnetdax25-toolsCreate a virtual network
kissparmsax25-toolsConfigure KISS TNCs
net2kissax25-toolsConvert a network AX.25 driver to a KISS stream on a pseudo-tty
mkissax25-toolsAttach a multi KISS interface
nodesaveax25-toolsSaves NET/ROM routing information
nrattachax25-toolsStart a NET/ROM interface
nrparmsax25-toolsConfigure the NET/ROM interface
nrsdrvax25-toolsKISS to NET/ROM serial converter
netromdax25-toolsSend and receive NET/ROM routing messages
rsattachax25-toolsStart a ROSE interface
rsdwnlnkax25-toolsUser exit from the ROSE network
rsparmsax25-toolsConfigure the ROSE interface
rsuplnkax25-toolsUser entry into the ROSE network
ttylinkdax25-toolsTTYlink daemon for AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE and IP
rip98dax25-toolsSend and receive RIP98 routing messages
ax25_callax25-toolsMake an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection
netrom_callax25-toolsMake an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection
rose_callax25-toolsMake an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection
tcp_callax25-toolsMake an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection
yamcfgax25-toolsConfigure YAM driver parameters
dmascc_cfgax25-toolsConfigure dmascc devices
ax25ipdax25-appsAX.25 into IP Encapsulator
ax25rtdax25-appsAX.25 routing daemon
ax25rtctlax25-appsAX.25 routing daemon control utility
callax25-appsMake an AX.25, NET/ROM or ROSE connection
listenax25-appsMonitor AX.25 traffic
ax25mondax25-appsDump the AX.25 network traffic and and provide sockets where the received data will be retransmitted
soundmodemsoundmodemSoundcard modem driver
soundmodemconfigsoundmodemSoundcard modem configuration utility
aprsdaprsdAPRS daemon
aprspassaprsdAPRS passcode generator
aprsdigiaprsdigiAPRS digipeater
aprsmonaprsdigiMonitor APRS AX.25 traffic for JavAPRS

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