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rdjpgcom (1)
  • >> rdjpgcom (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • rdjpgcom (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         rdjpgcom - display text comments from a JPEG file
         rdjpgcom [ -verbose ] [ filename ]
         rdjpgcom reads the named JPEG/JFIF  file,  or  the  standard
         input  if  no  file  is  named, and prints any text comments
         found in the file on the standard output.
         The JPEG standard allows "comment"  (COM)  blocks  to  occur
         within  a JPEG file.  Although the standard doesn't actually
         define what COM blocks are for, they are widely used to hold
         user-supplied  text strings.  This lets you add annotations,
         titles, index terms, etc  to  your  JPEG  files,  and  later
         retrieve them as text.  COM blocks do not interfere with the
         image stored in the JPEG file.  The maximum size  of  a  COM
         block  is  64K, but you can have as many of them as you like
         in one JPEG file.
              Causes rdjpgcom to also display the JPEG  image  dimen-
         Switch names may be abbreviated, and are not case sensitive.
         rdjpgcom does not depend  on  the  IJG  JPEG  library.   Its
         source  code  is  intended as an illustration of the minimum
         amount  of  code  required  to  parse  a  JPEG  file  header
         In -verbose mode, rdjpgcom will also attempt  to  print  the
         contents  of any "APP12" markers as text.  Some digital cam-
         eras produce APP12 markers containing useful textual  infor-
         mation.   If  you  like,  you  can modify the source code to
         print other APPn marker types as well.
         cjpeg(1), djpeg(1), jpegtran(1), wrjpgcom(1)
         Independent JPEG Group

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