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lesstif (1)
  • >> lesstif (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • lesstif (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         LessTif - a free replacement of OSF/Motif
         LessTif is a free replacement for OSF/MotifO.
         As with MotifO, LessTif consists of a widget set,  a  window
         manager,  and  a UIL implementation (libMrm and the UIL com-
         piler).  In LessTif, our  main  area  of  attention  is  the
         widget  set.  We also have a working window manager; but UIL
         is not under very active development.
         LessTif is licensed under the LGPL, the Library  Gnu  Public
         License.  The license itself accompanies LessTif in the file
         COPYING.LIB.  More information can be obtained from the Free
         Software Foundation.
         LessTif Documentation
         mwm(1) xmbind(1)
         Other widget sets xbae(1) xlt(1)
         XmFileSelectionBox(3)      XmArrowButton(3)      XmArrowBut-
         tonGadget(3)  XmBulletinBoard(3)  XmCascadeButton(3)  XmCas-
         cadeButtonGCacheObj(3)    XmCascadeButtonGadget(3)    XmCom-
         boBox(3)  XmCommand(3)  XmDesktop(3)  XmDialogShell(3) XmDi-
         alogShellExt(3) XmDisplay(3) XmDragContext(3)  XmDragIcon(3)
         XmDragOverShell(3) XmDrawingArea(3) XmDrawnButton(3) XmDrop-
         SiteManager(3)    XmDropTransfer(3)    XmFileSelectionBox(3)
         XmForm(3)      XmFrame(3)     XmGadget(3)     XmGrabShell(3)
         XmIconGCacheObj(3)    XmIconGadget(3)    XmLabel(3)    XmLa-
         belGCacheObj(3)  XmLabelGadget(3)  XmList(3) XmMainWindow(3)
         XmManager(3)  XmMenuShell(3)  XmMessageBox(3)  XmNotebook(3)
         XmPanedWindow(3)   XmPrimitive(3)  XmProtocol(3)  XmPushBut-
         ton(3)    XmPushButtonGCacheObj(3)     XmPushButtonGadget(3)
         XmRowColumn(3)      XmSash(3)     XmScale(3)     XmScreen(3)
         XmScrollBar(3)     XmScrolledWindow(3)     XmSelectionBox(3)
         XmSeparator(3)  XmSeparatorGCacheObj(3) XmSeparatorGadget(3)
         XmSpinBox(3)  XmTearOffButton(3)  XmText(3)   XmTextField(3)
         XmToggleButton(3)   XmToggleButtonGCacheObj(3)  XmToggleBut-
         tonGadget(3) XmVendorShellExt(3) XmWorld(3)
         File Formats
         Utility Functions
         XmClipboard(3) LessTifInternals(3)
         The LessTif home page .
         The Free Software Foundation (FSF) home page .
         The OpenGroup (owners of OSF/MotifO and the X Window System)
         home page .

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