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"Senior Developer (.Net)"
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Сообщение от Anastasia Sokolenko email(ok) on 12-Сен-17, 16:31 
Please send your CVs to Thank you!

Our Goal and Mission

VTB Capital’s goal is to be Russia’s Investment Banking powerhouse. We want to be the firm that is a natural choice for all Russian Investment banking and asset management products.  A choice our clients around the world make routinely and with confidence.
Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing first class financial services. To create value for the benefit of our clients and for economic and social progress globally.

Principal Responsibilities:

•    Development, maintenance and integration of core modules for in-house IT solutions for Equities Front Office using .Net and Java frameworks
•    Development and maintenance of IT solutions for Equities Front Office based on 3rd party trading and execution platforms (QUIK, Calypso)
•    Automation of front-to-back processes for Equities business
Key Competencies & Qualifications
•    Practical experience (5 years and more) in development using .Net or Java frameworks
•    Basic knowledge of financial markets
•    Practical experience in implementation solutions for Calypso or QUIK is a plus

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