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Обобщенный отчет за 29 апреля 2017 г.

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    Группа: Русскоязычные блоги

    - Настройка Zabbix 3.2 на Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

    Группа: Программирование и web-технологии

    - From Percona Live 2017: Thank You, Attendees!

    - New Mozilla Foundation Board Members: Mohamed Nanabhay and Nicole Wong


    - Why I’m joining the Mozilla Board by Mohamed Nanabhay


    - Why I’m joining the Mozilla Board by Nicole Wong

    - New Mozilla Foundation Board Members: Mohamed Nanabhay and Nicole Wong


    - Why I’m joining the Mozilla Board by Mohamed Nanabhay


    - Why I’m joining the Mozilla Board by Nicole Wong

    Группа: Linux

    - Akademy 2018 and EuroBSDcon 2017


    - Endless OS: A Unique Take on Linux ThatБ─≥s Perfect for New Users


    - News about the migration to ODF in Taiwan


    - Open source experts to VA: Keep VistA, it can be fixed


    - Leftovers: Debian and Ubuntu


    - Fedora: The Latest (Flatpak, Wallpapers, and PHP)


    - Tizen and Android


    - COBOL, Python and BeeWare


    - OpenStack and Cloudera


    - 'Creative' Uses of Open Source


    - Linux Mint-using terror nerd awaits sentence for training Islamic State


    - Ubuntu Devs Work on Rebasing Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) to Linux Kernel 4.11


    - Canonical Releases Snapd 2.25 Snappy Daemon for Ubuntu Linux, Here Is What's New


    - Wine 2.7 Has Been Released


    - IPFire 2.19 Now Supports On-Demand IPsec VPNs, Core Update 110 Is Now Available


    - Linux Graphics and Benchmarks


    - New Mozilla Foundation Board Members


    - HardwareX journal on open source hardware in science launched


    - Google in Devices


    - Mobile, Tizen, and Android


    - Creative Commons News


    - What is SSH Key? How To Generate SSH Key in Linux?

    - PasswordPing Ltd.'s Exposed Password and Credentials API Service

    - How to Easily Set Up Third Party DNS on Linux


    - Raspberry WebKiosk 6.0 Released for Raspberry Pi, Based on Raspbian Jessie Lite


    - Pinebook - 1st Review


    - Surveying Linux system update and integrity protection schemes


    - Cross-platform development with Python and BeeWare


    - Endless OS: A Unique Take on Linux That's Perfect for New Users


    - How to Install Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.04


    - Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Hits End of Life Today


    - Google Assistant SDK preview brings voice agent to the Raspberry Pi


    - Top 5: Learn to code, innovative uses for C#, machine learning, and more


    - Wine 2.7 Has Improvements for Adobe Photoshop CS6, iTunes and Direct3D 11 Shaders


    - There is more to the story why grsecurity stopped issuing patches


    - Manjaro Linux: Reliable and Up to Date, Geekdom Optional


    - Fedora 26 will look awesome with supplemental wallpapers

    - Endless OS: A Unique Take on Linux ThatБ─≥s Perfect for New Users


    - Light a Fire under Cassandra with Apache Ignite


    - HuaweiБ─≥s $239 HiKey 960 Wants to Be a High-End Alternative to Raspberry Pi


    - Boot an OpenSSH Server in 10 Mins with LinuxKit


    - DevOps Lab: Learn to Use GitHub for Infrastructure Deployments


    - Haters Gonna Hate: 7 Ways to Deal with Criticism


    - Open Source MANO Supports Public and Hybrid Cloud Deployments


    - This Week in Open Source News: Aerospace Industry Opens Up, New EdgeX Foundry Project Supported by IoT Industry & Mo

    Группа: Списки рассылки

    - FB Documentation Crowdfunding campaign

    Группа: Блог планеты

    - Upgrading Sylius the TDD Way: Exploring PhpSpec - SitePoint PHP

    Группа: Обновление ПО

    - 04/28 mesa 17.0.5


    - 04/29 VirtualBox 5.1.22

    Группа: Мобильные устройства

    - Holger "zecke" Freyther: Troubleshooting Kubernetes/Azure Storage

    Группа: Top sites

    - Open Ports Create Backdoors In Millions of Smartphones

    - XWayland Picks Up Tablet Pad Support


    - Windows 10 Creators WSL vs. Clear Linux vs. Ubuntu 17.04


    - Wine 2.7 Has HiDPI Improvements, Direct3D 11 Shader Work


    - Mesa 17.0.5 Is Now Available With 40+ Fixes


    - Chromium Now Enables GTK3 For 32-Bit Builds


    - GNOME 3.25.1 Released


    - Unreal Engine 4.16 Enters Public Preview State


    - AMDGPU Gets More Fixes For Linux 4.12


    - New ARM Support Going Into The Linux 4.12 Kernel


    - KDE Kirigami 2.1 Released To Help Build Convergent Linux Apps

    - Building a QNX 7 desktop


    - Why is Microsoft turning its Surface business into the next Nokia?

    - F-DroidБ─≥s Android App Finally Gets a UI Makeover (xda developers)

    - User Question: With Some Free Software Phone Projects Ending, What Does Plasma Mobile's Future Look Like?


    - Kirigami 2.1 is Out

    - Distribution Release: IPFire 2.19 Core 110

    Группа: Русскоязычные системы
    OpenNews mini

    - Выпуск Wine 2.7


    - Серия уязвимостей и инженерный пароль в беспроводных точках доступа Moxa


    - Анализ уязвимостей в Android-приложениях с открытыми сетевыми портами

    - OctoDNS Open Source-инструменты от GitHub для управления DNS-записями у разных провайдеров

    Группа: Общие русские новости

    - Путин поручил Медведеву улучшить защиту персональных данных россиян


    - Опубликован исходный код инструмента ЦРУ для слежки

    Группа: Безопасность

    - Bugtraq: [security bulletin] HPESBHF03738 rev.1 - HPE Intelligent Management Center (iMC) PLAT, Remote Code Execution


    - Vuln: Samba CVE-2015-5252 Symlink Vulnerability


    - Vuln: IETF RFC 3279 X.509 Certificate MD5 Signature Collision Vulnerability


    - Vuln: cURL CVE-2016-4802 DLL Loading Local Code Execution Vulnerability


    - Vuln: cURL/libcURL CVE-2016-5419 Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5 Property Services CVE-2017-3560 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Kit (AK) CVE-2017-3580 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2017-3460 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle Solaris CVE-2017-3498 Local Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: YARA 'yara_yyparse()' Function Denial of Service Vulnerability


    - Vuln: eXtplorer CVE-2016-4313 Local Directory Traversal Vulnerability


    - Vuln: illumos CVE-2016-6561 Denial of Service Vulnerability


    - Vuln: McAfee Security Scan Plus CVE-2016-8026 Unspecified Local Command Execution Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Zabbix CVE-2017-2824 Command Injection Vulnerability


    - Vuln: symetrie CVE-2017-7386 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Linux Kernel CVE-2017-7895 Multiple Security Bypass Vulnerabilities


    - Vuln: Avast! Antivirus CVE-2017-8307 Arbitrary File Deletion Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle WebCenter Sites CVE-2017-3595 Remote Security Vulnerability

    - Google tightens noose on HTTP: Chrome to stick 'Not secure' on pages with search fields


    - pemcracker - Tool For Cracking PEM Files


    - Debian: 3838-1: ghostscript: Summary


    - Debian: 3837-1: libreoffice: Summary


    - Fedora 26 java-1.8.0-openjdk-


    - Fedora 26 drupal8-8.3.1-1.fc26


    - Fedora 26 tomcat-8.0.43-1.fc26


    - Fedora 26 dovecot-


    - Multiple local privilege escalation vulnerabilities in HideMyAss Pro VPN client v2.x for OS X


    - Local privilege escalation vulnerability in HideMyAss Pro VPN client v3.x for macOS

    Группа: blog_mix

    - Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For April 28th, 2017

    - Юберизация визуализации

    Группа: none

    - 49262 linux-kernel


    - Dear Friend.


    - From: Mr.David Owain

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