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Обобщенный отчет за 20 июня 2018 г.

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    Группа: Русскоязычные блоги

    - Four Row Solitaire


    - Big Solitaire

    - "8 лучших IDE для программирования на Python в Linux", Aaron Kili, перевод: А.Кровошей, 20.05.2018


    - EDID репозиторий

    - Akiee

    Группа: Программирование и web-технологии

    - Chunk Change: InnoDB Buffer Pool Resizing


    - Webinar Thu 6/21: How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance


    - Is Serverless Just a New Word for Cloud Based?

    - DOU Ревизор в SBTech: Новый офис на Подоле со своим бариста


    - World of tasks, или Куда разработчикам прикладывать Product thinking

    Группа: BSD
    OpenBSD Journal

    - SMT Disabled by Default in -current

    Группа: Linux

    - install ffmpeg package 7:3.4.2-2build2

    - Google Ignores Windows and Releases its VR Video Editing Tool for Linux and Mac


    - Qt 5.11.1 Released


    - KDE Plasma 5.13 Desktop Environment Gets First Point Release, over 20 Bugs Fixed


    - SparkyLinux 5.4 GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue Special Editions Are Out Now


    - Б─°Respects Your FreedomБ─² (RYF) and Purism's Librem 5


    - Red Hat: Education, Automation, RHEL 6.10 and More


    - Security: Updates, Reproducible Builds and Windows 'Fun'


    - 25th Anniversary for FreeBSD


    - Endless OS Launches New Major Version For Users Who Have Less Internet Access


    - today's howtos


    - Software: Brackets, WebArchives, KDE Plasma Vault, Bustle and Linux Instant Messaging Clients


    - Programming/Development: C++, 'Agile', and Pronghorn, a Java framework


    - HHVM 3.27 Released


    - Server Domination by GNU/Linux


    - Fedora and Red Hat: Fedora Atomic, Fedora 29, *GPL and Openwashing ('Open Organization')


    - Graphics: Wayland, RadeonSI, NVIDIA and More


    - First Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Release Candidate Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Is Here


    - Open Source Skills Soar In Demand According to 2018 Jobs Report


    - The New Microsoft


    - Latest Ubuntu Touch release from UBPorts is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


    - Debian GNU/Linux 10 "Buster" Installer Updated with Linux Kernel 4.16 Support

    - Tumbleweed Delivers New Kernel, Applications, Plasma, libvirt

    - Red Hat Launches Process Automation Manager 7, Brackets Editor Releases Version 1.13, Qt Announces New Patch Release and


    - Removing All Syscall Invocations from Kernel Space


    - Cooking with Linux (without a Net): Video editing on Linux using Kdenlive and ArcoLinux, too!


    - Facebook Open-Sources BOLT, Google Introduces VR180 Creator for Linux, 2018 Open Source Job Report Now Available and Mor


    - Open Hardware: Good for Your Brand, Good for Your Bottom Line

    - How to reset, revert, and return to previous states in Git


    - Open source board lets you analyze SPI connections on a USB-connected laptop


    - How Linux and Open Tech Empower Medical Healthcare


    - Try this vi setup to keep and organize your notes


    - You Can Now Install LineageOS 15.1 on Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus and OnePlus One


    - Get 2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures And Standings From The Command Line


    - Getting started with Open edX to host your course


    - What is the Intersection of OpenStack and Kubernetes?


    - June 19 Has Been Declared National FreeBSD Day, Happy 25th Anniversary FreeBSD!


    - Removing All Syscall Invocations from Kernel Space


    - 5 big myths about introverts in IT


    - Wget Command Examples


    - Python and Bash - Contenders for the most used scripting language


    - Rugged NVR system for buses has 10x GbE ports for IP cameras


    - SparkyLinux 5.4 GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue Special Editions Are Out Now


    - Red Hat Launches Process Automation Manager 7, Brackets Editor Releases Version 1.13, Qt Announces New Patch Release and


    - Twistlock Extends Container Security to Protect Serverless Functions


    - Linux Mint vs Ubuntu


    - A summer reading list for open organization enthusiasts

    - Б─▀Red Hat Changes Its Open-Source Licensing Rules


    - How to Build a Strong DevSecOps Culture: 5 Tips


    - Security and Performance Help Mainframes Stand the Test of Time


    - Open Source Skills Soar In Demand According to 2018 Jobs Report


    - GoogleБ─≥s Fuchsia Adds Emulator for Running Linux Apps


    - This Week in Numbers: Discrimination in the Tech Industry

    Группа: Списки рассылки

    - Firebird high-level native client for Node.js / TypeScript updated to v0.0.1-beta.2 with a few changes

    Группа: Блог планеты

    - Ketting 2.0 release - Evert Pot


    - Building an Image Gallery Blog with Symfony Flex: Data Testing - SitePoint PHP


    - Dependency Injection with OpenWhisk PHP - Rob Allen

    - FSF Blogs: Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup time: June 22nd starting at 12:00 p.m. EDT/16:00 UTC

    Группа: Top sites

    - Sway 1.0 Wayland Compositor Nears With Floating Windows, Tablet Support & More


    - NVIDIA & Valve Line Up Among The Sponsors For X.Org's XDC 2018


    - Purism's Librem 5 To Rely On Secondary Processor For Binary Blobs


    - Debian Installer Buster Alpha 3 Released


    - UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 RC Released, Upgrades To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


    - OpenBSD Disabling SMT / Hyper Threading Due To Security Concerns


    - Vulkan Display Extensions To Be Used By SteamVR Merged Into Mesa RADV/ANV


    - A Slew Of AMDGPU DC Updates Published, Further Improvements For Raven Ridge


    - Coreboot Now Supports Directly Booting To A Linux Kernel FIT Image


    - X-Plane Flight Simulator Reports Linux Users At Just About 1%


    - Going In-Depth With Flatpak For Sandboxed Application Packaging


    - Linux Gets Experimental Support For In-Kernel Hibernation Encryption


    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Released With Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation


    - OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Jumps On Linux 4.17, KDE Plasma 5.13 Riding Well


    - Intel Hyper Threading Performance With A Core i7 On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    - Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design


    - The EU's bizarre war on memes is totally unwinnable


    - What it's like to watch an IBM AI successfully debate humans


    - Shortcuts: a new vision for Siri and iOS automation

    - Distribution Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10

    Группа: Русскоязычные системы
    OpenNews mini

    - Третий альфа-выпуск инсталлятора Debian 10 "Buster"


    - Выпуск Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10


    - В OpenBSD добавлен код программного отключения SMT (HyperThreading)


    - Доступна сборка Android 8.1 для платформы x86 от проекта Android-x86


    - Первый выпуск Dragonfire 1.0 -- голосового помощника для Linux

    Группа: Общие русские новости

    - Саботировавшие Олимпиаду-2018 хакеры снова взялись за старое


    - В Москве осуждены киберпреступники, похищавшие средства у клиентов банков


    - Хакеры похитили $31,5 млн у криптовалютной биржи Bithumb


    - Китайские хакеры атакуют компании по разработке спутниковых и оборонных технологий


    - Microsoft втихую прекратила поддержку Windows 7 на старых компьютерах


    - Android сможет проверять подлинность приложений даже в режиме offline


    - Техника ZeroFont позволяет фишерам обходить защитные фильтры Office 365


    - OpenBSD прекратит поддержку Intel HT из соображений безопасности


    - Хакеры нашли простой способ повторного заражения сайтов на базе Magento


    - 22 тыс. облачных сервисов уязвимы к кибератакам

    Группа: Безопасность

    - Vuln: Oracle Outside In Technology CVE-2018-2768 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle Outside In Technology CVE-2018-2801 Remote Security Vulnerability


    - Vuln: Oracle Outside In Technology CVE-2018-2806 Remote Security Vulnerability

    - US Fraudster Pleads Guilty to Using OPM Breach Data


    - 'Wallchart' Phishing Campaign Exploits World Cup Watchers


    - RedHat: RHSA-2018-1944:01 Moderate: kernel-rt security update


    - openSUSE: 2018:1734-1: aubio


    - openSUSE: 2018:1733-1: aubio


    - Python and Bash - Contenders for the most used scripting language


    - Fedora 27: nikto Security Update


    - Ubuntu 3689-2: Libgcrypt vulnerability


    - RedHat: RHSA-2018-1949:01 Moderate: ansible security and bug fix update


    - RedHat: RHSA-2018-1948:01 Moderate: ansible security and bug fix update


    - ArchLinux: 201806-11: pass: arbitrary code execution


    - Slackware: 2018-170-01: gnupg Security Update


    - Gentoo: GLSA-201806-05: cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities


    - Gentoo: GLSA-201806-06: Chromium, Google Chrome: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code


    - Gentoo: GLSA-201806-07: Transmission: Remote code execution


    - Fedora 28: nikto Security Update


    - Fedora 28: mariadb Security Update

    Группа: blog_mix

    - Интервью для дата сайентиста


    - IT - конкурсы

    Группа: none

    - [tip:core/urgent] objtool: Add machine_real_restart() to the noret ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Limit C-states dynamically when pse ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Support L3 cache performance event ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: More precise L2 hit/miss measurements


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Create character device exposing ps ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Create debugfs files for pseudo-loc ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Create resctrl debug area


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Ensure RDT cleanup on exit


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Resctrl files reflect pseudo-locked ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Support creation/removal of pseudo- ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Pseudo-lock region creation/removal ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Discover supported platforms via pr ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Add utilities to test pseudo-locked ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Split resource group removal in two


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Enable entering of pseudo-locksetup ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Support enter/exit of locksetup mode


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Introduce pseudo-locked region


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Add check to determine if monitorin ...


    - [tip:x86/cache] x86/intel_rdt: Utilities to restrict/restore acces ...


    - include/linux/syscalls.h:211:18: error: 'sys_mmap2' alias between ...


    - pci: pci_printk use


    - general protection fault in tls_push_sg


    - 4.18.0-rc1-next-20180619 boot failed on beagle board x15


    - KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Read in unwind_next_frame


    - LTP CVE cve-2017-17053 test failed on x86_64 device


    - [lkp-robot] [nfsd4] 517dc52baa: fsmark.files_per_sec 32.4% impro ...


    - 4.18-rc1: Bad or missing .orc_unwind table. Disabling unwinder.


    - [tip:locking/urgent] locking/rwsem: Fix up_read_non_owner() warnin ...


    - [tip:sched/core] sched/swait: Remove __prepare_to_swait


    - [tip:sched/core] sched/swait: Switch to full exclusive mode


    - [tip:sched/core] sched/swait: Rename to exclusive


    - [tip:x86/urgent] x86: Call fixup_exception() before notify_die() i ...

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