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rwhois (1)
  • >> rwhois (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    whois - TCP/IP Internet directory service, RIPE version


    whois [ -aFlrR ] [ -h host ] [ -p port ] [ -i attributes ] [ -s sources ] [ -T types ] [ -L | -m | -M ] SearchKey

    whois -t type

    whois -v type



    whois searches for an object in the RIPE Network Management database. The key can be either a name (such as "Karrenberg"),a nic-handle (such as "DK58"), a network number ("") or a domain name ("").

    This version of the whois client works with a version of the RIPE database whois server that supports classless IP addresses. All IP network numbers are considered classless IP network numbers of the form prefix/length, like for a class C sized network number and for a class B sized network number. Any length can be given. If no length is given, the server assumes a host lookup (ie length 32).

    By default, the server will return the first less specific network number, which can be an exact match if available in the database.  


    This causes the server to include information from non-RIPE whois databases in the reply. Currently these are the public parts of the US NIC and NSFnet databases. Please note that the RIPE NCC does not maintain these databases. The information is included for for your convenience only.
    fast output. Force the whois server to not reformat the output. This can save time for large objects. The output of the RIPE whois server will be in two letter short form. This option implies -r.
    -h host
    Select alternate host to direct the query
    -p port
    Connect to port 'port'
    lookup all less specific networks. Has effect only when looking up IP network numbers.
    lookup first level more specific networks. Has effect only when looking up IP network numbers.
    lookup all more specific networks. Has effect only when looking up IP network numbers.
    non-recursive lookup. This will cause the server to not lookup referenced objects.
    non-recursive external lookups. This will cause the server not to send references to external objects to the whois client.
    -i attributes
    attributes is a comma separated list of attributes. the whois server will return all objects that match the search keys in one of these attributes.
    list internal whois server alias list. Aliases can be used as an argument for the '-h' option.
    -s sources
    sources is a comma separated list of database sources. The whois server will only search the databases that match the specified sources.
    -t type
    requests the server to send a template for an object with type "type".
    -T types
    types is a comma separated list of object types. requests the server to only send back objects that match one of the "types".
    -v type
    requests the server to send a verbose template for an object with type "type".



    example% whois karrenberg
    person: Daniel Karrenberg
    address: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
    address: Kruislaan 409
    address: NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
    address: Netherlands
    phone: +31 20 5925065
    fax-no: +31 20 5925155
    nic-hdl: DK58
    changed: 920407
    changed: 920407
    source: RIPE
    example% whois -h -r
    netname: RIPE-NCC
    descr: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
    descr: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    country: NL
    admin-c: Daniel Karrenberg
    tech-c: Marten Terpstra
    connect: RIPE NSF WCW
    aut-sys: AS3333
    ias-int: AS1104
    ias-int: AS2122
    ias-int: AS2600
    changed: 940110
    source: RIPE



    This is the RIPE version of the whois client program.

    The program is heavily modified by davidk@ISI.EDU for client support of (NIC handle) references for RIPE servers.

    For questions refer to <>. For more information about the RIPE database please also refer to <>.



    Most of the extra flags are ONLY supported by the RIPE whois server, or copies of the same version of the software. Usage of these flags may cause errors on other whois servers.




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