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rrdtune (1)
  • >> rrdtune (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    rrdtool tune - Modify some basic properties of a Round Robin Database


    rrdtool tune filename [--heartbeat|-h ds-name:heartbeat] [--minimum|-i ds-name:min] [--maximum|-a ds-name:max] [--data-source-type|-d ds-name:DST] [--data-source-rename|-r old-name:new-name]  


    The tune option allows you to alter some of the basic configuration values stored in the header area of a Round Robin Database (RRD). All these tunable parameters together decide when data fed into an RRD is to be regarded as invalid. Invalid data is entered into the database as *UNKNOWN*.

    The main application of the tune function is to relax the validation rules on an RRD. This allows to fill a new RRD with data available in larger intervals than what you would normally want to permit.

    The name of the RRD you want to tune.
    --heartbeat|-h ds-name:heartbeat
    modify the heartbeat of a data source. By setting this to a high value the rrd will accept things like one value per day ...
    --minimum|-i ds-name:min
    alter the minimum value acceptable as input from the data source. Setting min to 'U' will disable this limit.
    --maximum|-a ds-name:max
    alter the maximum value acceptable as input from the data source. Setting max to 'U' will disable this limit.
    --data-source-type|-d ds-name:DST
    alter the type DST of a data source.
    [--data-source-rename|-r old-name:new-name]
    rename a data source


    "rrdtool tune data.rrd -h in:100000 -h out:100000 -h through:100000"

    Set the minimum required heartbeat for data sources 'in', 'out' and 'through' to 10000 seconds which is a little over one day in data.rrd. This would allow to feed old data from mrtg-2.0 right into rrdtool without generating *UNKNOWN* entries.  


    Tobias Oetiker <>




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