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qiv (1)
  • >> qiv (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    qiv - a fast gdk/imlib image viewer for X.
    Version: 1.7, released on 05.07.2001
    by Adam Kopacz / kLoGraFX -


    qiv [options] file ...  


    qiv is an image viewer developed with gdk/imlib. As a result, qiv is faster than traditional image viewers such as xv or xli.  


    -h, --help
    Print out a brief help message.
    --display disp
    Open qiv window on display disp.
    -e, --center
    Disable window centering.
    -w x, --width x
    Dissable window with fixed width x.
    -x, --root file
    Set file as the current desktop background (centered) and exit.
    -y, --root_t file
    Set file as the current desktop background (tiled) and exit.
    -z, --root_s file
    Set file as the current desktop background (stretched) and exit.
    -m, --maxpect
    Expand image(s) to fit screen size while preserving aspect ratio.
    -t, --scale_down
    Shrink image(s) which are larger than screen size to fit.
    -b, --brightness x
    Set brightness to x (-32..32).
    -c, --contrast x
    Set contrast to x (-32..32).
    -g, --gamma x
    Set gamma to x (-32..32).
    -n, --no_filter
    Disable filtering of images by extension.
    -i, --no_statusbar
    Disable statusbar in fullscreen_mode.
    -p, --transparency
    Enable transparency for transparent images.
    -a, --do_grab
    Grab the pointer in windowed mode.
    -v, --version
    Print version information.
    -o, --bg_color x
    Set root background color to named color x or 24 bit hex RGB triple in the format #RRGGBB.
    -s, --slide
    Start slideshow immediately.
    -r, --random
    Randomize slideshow.
    -S, --shuffle
    Shuffle images (random order with next/previous functionality).
    -d, --delay x
    Set slideshow delay to x seconds.
    -u, --recursive directory
    Recursively find all files in a given directory
    -f, --fullscreen
    Use fullscreen window on start-up.
    -I, --ignore_path_sort
    Sort all the image files by just their filename, ignoring the path.
    -M, --merged_case_sort
    Sort all the image files in merged-case order (AaBbCc...).
    -N, --numeric_sort
    A "smart" numeric sort that attempts to sort filenames with numbers in a logical manner. For instance: 2.jpg sorts before 10.jpg; 1foo.jpg through 10foo.jpg sorts after 1bar.jpg through 15bar.jpg (because "foo" comes after "bar"); and baz0001.jpg through baz0010.jpg sorts after baz01.jpg through baz99.jpg (because the longer group of zero-padded digits indicates that they shouldn't be intermingled).


    qiv -atsd2 *.jpg
    qiv --maxpect --root image.png
    qiv --maxpect --slide --random --delay=2 *
    qiv --maxpect --scale_down --slide --delay=2 `find / *`
    qiv --bg_color 0000FF --root image.png
    qiv --bg_color blue --root image.png  


    space/PgDn/left mouse/wheel down        next picture
    backspace/PgUp/right mouse/wheel up     previous picture
    q/ESC/middle mouse                      exit
    0-9                Run 'qiv-command <key> <current-img>'
    ?                  show keys (only in fullscreen-mode)
    d/D/del            move picture to .qiv-trash
    u                  undelete the previously trashed image
    +/=                zoom in (10%)
    -                  zoom out (10%)
    f                  fullscreen mode on/off
    m                  scale to screen size on/off
    t                  scale down on/off
    s                  slide show on/off
    r                  random order on/off
    b                  - brightness
    B                  + brightness
    c                  - contrast
    C                  + contrast
    g                  - gamma
    G                  + gamma
    arrow keys         move image (in fullscreen mode)
    h                  flip horizontal
    v                  flip vertical
    k                  rotate right
    l                  rotate left
    jtx<return>        jump to image number x
    jfx<return>        jump forward x images
    jbx<return>        jump backward x images
    enter/return       reset zoom and color settings
    i                  statusbar on/off
    x                  center image on background
    y                  tile image on background
    z                  stretch image on background



    Button 1   next picture
    Button 2   quit
    Button 3   previous picture
    Wheel Up   next picture
    Wheel Dn   previous picture



    qiv doesn't actually delete files. It creates a directory named ".qiv-trash" and moves the images to that directory. qiv maintains the directory structure of your "deleted" images. You can also undelete the most recently trashed images in reverse order, which moves each file back into its original directory. There is a limit to how many deletions can be undone, but it should be pretty large (currently 1024 items).  


    With XFree86 3.3.2+ server, using the wheel is seen as button 4 and 5 pressed. You only have to use "IMPS/2" or "Intellimouse" for protocol and add "ZAxisMapping 4 5 " in the "Pointer" section of XF86Config. If imwheel (a program used to emulate key pressed when wheel is used for program not supporting wheel), the following two lines must be add to imwheel config file : "qiv"


    To use qiv with xscreensaver, either type "make install-xscreensaver" or add the following to your ~/.Xresources:

    xscreensaver.programs: \
       /usr/bin/qiv -srfid 5 your_pix/\* \n\
       /usr/bin/qiv -srfid 5 your_other_pix/\* \n\



    Adam Kopacz / kLoGraFX <>
    Darren Smith           <>
    Pavel Andreev          <>
    Decklin Foster         <>



    Frederic Crozat        <>
    John Knottenbelt       <>
    Holger Mueller         <>
    Rutger Nijlunsing      <>
    Scott Sams             <>
    Serge Winitzki         <>
    Danny                  <>
    Tomas Ogren            <>
    Erik Jacobsen          <>
    Alfred Weyers          <alfred@otto.gia.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
    Daniel                 <>
    Henning Kulander       <>
    Ask Bjoern Hansen      <>
    Adrian Lopez           <>
    Y Furuhashi            <>
    Wayne Davison          <>



    qiv homepage: Mail bug, reports and comments to Adam Kopacz <> Sending a SIGUSR1 to qiv will cause the program to flip to next picture. SIGUSR2 will move to previous. This program is covered by the GNU GPL; see the file COPYING for details.




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