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    pup - gtk+ based graphical Printer Utility Program




    pup is a GUI utility for maintaining your printer under Linux or any Unix O/S that supports GTK+ . For uni-directional mode it supports the Lexmark Optra Color 40 and 45, Lexmark Optra E310, HP 2100M, HP 4000, and HP LJ4 Plus. For bi-directional mode it supports any PJL printer (or partially, depending on the printer).

    Current features include ink cartridge setup and maintainance (Lexmark Optra 40/45 only), printing of various test pages, printer status, and changing printer default settings. There are two ways to change the settings: the "dynamic choices" and the "fixed choices" methods. The dynamic choices method queries the printer, filters out some things, and builds a list of choices for you to change settings. Current settings are high-lighted in red. There is also the feature to query the printer to see all settings unfiltered, for information only.

    The fixed choices method is for the specific printers listed above, and are based on queries done before hand on these printers and hard-coded into Pup. This is for those folks who do not have read-back available on their system, as it works in uni-directional mode.

    The printer can be selected in Pup's Preferences window (under File).

    Pup sends the appropriate commands to whatever is listed in the output box-- either a printer device, a file, or an lpr command (when preceeded with a '|'). If a file is used, this file can then be ftp'd to a remote printer or sent to the device directly (e.g. /dev/lp0) with the cat command. In dynamic mode, however, Pup requires a device.

    The help window describes all the features of pup. To view it, bring up pup, go to the Help menu and select 'Info'. Also consult the README file that came with pup.  


    This manual page was written by Matthew Simpson <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).




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