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po2debconf (1)
  • po2debconf (1) ( Русские man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • >> po2debconf (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    po2debconf - merge master templates file and PO files


    po2debconf [-v] [-h] [--podir=DIR] [-o FILE] [-e STRING] master  


    This program reads all PO files and a single templates file, and produces a Debconf templates file containing all translations, similar to the one produced by debconf-mergetemplate(1) (from the "debconf-utils" package). PO files are by default searched in the po subdirectory below the location of the master file.

    To help the language code transition for Norwegian Bokma°l, the no and nb language codes are handled specially. If no.po exists, it should be renamed to nb.po. Using nb.po will make both "-no" and "-nb" translations available in the templates file.

    Lines beginning with a number sign ("#") are comments in templates files, they are useful to give hints to translators, and are discarded by po2debconf. Special comments have been introduced in "po-debconf" 1.0, they are in the form "#flag:directive". The "#flag:partial" is the only directive interpreted by po2debconf. Normally when a field is composed of several paragraphs (like "__Choices" and "_Description"), it is translated if all paragraphs are translated. When a field succeeds "#flag:partial", translated strings may be mixed with untranslated strings.  


    -h, --help
    Display a usage summary and exit.
    -v, --verbose
    Process in verbose mode.
    Set directory for PO files. Default is to search PO files in the po subdirectory below the location of the master file.
    -o, --output=FILE
    Set output filename (default is standard output).
    -e, --encoding=STRING
    Convert encoding. Argument can take 3 values: "utf8" (convert to UTF-8), "po" (do not change encoding) and "popular" (convert encoding of input files depending on their language; the "PODEBCONF_ENCODINGS" environment variable must point to a filename containing the encoding map),

    Such a filename looks like:

      #   Sharp is comment sign
      cs       ISO-8859-2
      da       ISO-8859-1
      de       ISO-8859-1
      el       ISO-8859-7


    Default encoding used to be "popular", and has been switched to "utf8" since po-debconf 0.9.0.



    Since debconf 1.2.0, templates format has changed, encoding is part of field names, i.e. they are "foo-lang.encoding". When older debconf encounter such fields, they are silently ignored, which means that original text is displayed.

    If present, a po/output file can override defaults for encoding and output format. It contains a single line, first field is output format (currently valid values are 1 for fields in the form "foo-lang", and 2 for "foo-lang.encoding") and second field is encoding, e.g.

       echo '2 utf8' > po/output

    let po2debconf convert text to UTF-8.

    When encoding is set to "po" or "utf8", output format is always set to 2, so that older debconf do not try to display text with wrong encodings.  


    debconf-gettextize(1), debconf-updatepo(1), po-debconf(7).  


      Denis Barbier <>




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