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open (3)
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         open - perl pragma to set default disciplines for input and


             use open IN => ":crlf", OUT => ":raw";


         The open pragma is used to declare one or more default
         disciplines for I/O operations.  Any open() and readpipe()
         (aka qx//) operators found within the lexical scope of this
         pragma will use the declared defaults.  Neither open() with
         an explicit set of disciplines, nor sysopen() are influenced
         by this pragma.
         Only the two pseudo-disciplines ":raw" and ":crlf" are
         currently available.
         The ":raw" discipline corresponds to "binary mode" and the
         ":crlf" discipline corresponds to "text mode" on platforms
         that distinguish between the two modes when opening files
         (which is many DOS-like platforms, including Windows).
         These two disciplines are currently no-ops on platforms
         where binmode() is a no-op, but will be supported everywhere
         in future.


         Full-fledged support for I/O disciplines is currently
         unimplemented.  When they are eventually supported, this
         pragma will serve as one of the interfaces to declare
         default disciplines for all I/O.
         In future, any default disciplines declared by this pragma
         will be available by the special discipline name ":DEFAULT",
         and could be used within handle constructors that allow
         disciplines to be specified.  This would make it possible to
         stack new disciplines over the default ones.
             open FH, "<:para :DEFAULT", $file or die "can't open $file: $!";
         Socket and directory handles will also support disciplines
         in future.
         Full support for I/O disciplines will enable all of the
         supported disciplines to work on all platforms.


         the binmode entry in the perlfunc manpage, the open entry in
         the perlfunc manpage, the perlunicode manpage

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