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myisam_ftdump (1)
  • >> myisam_ftdump (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    myisam_ftdump - display full-text index information


    myisam_ftdump [options] tbl_name index_num



    displays information about FULLTEXT indexes in MyISAM tables. It reads the MyISAM index file directly, so it must be run on the server host where the table is located

    Invoke myisam_ftdump like this:

    shell> myisam_ftdump [options] tbl_name index_num

    The tbl_name argument should be the name of a MyISAM table. You can also specify a table by naming its index file (the file with the .MYI suffix). If you do not invoke myisam_ftdump in the directory where the table files are located, the table or index file name name must be preceded by the pathname to the table's database directory. Index numbers begin with 0.

    Example: Suppose that the test database contains a table named mytexttablel that has the following definition:

    CREATE TABLE mytexttable
      id   INT NOT NULL,
      txt  TEXT NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (id),
      FULLTEXT (txt)

    The index on id is index 0 and the FULLTEXT index on txt is index 1. If your working directory is the test database directory, invoke myisam_ftdump as follows:

    shell> myisam_ftdump mytexttable 1

    If the pathname to the test database directory is /usr/local/mysql/data/test, you can also specify the table name argument using that pathname. This is useful if you do not invoke myisam_ftdump in the database directory:

    shell> myisam_ftdump /usr/local/mysql/data/test/mytexttable 1

    myisam_ftdump understands the following options:

    --help, -h-?

    Display a help message and exit.

    --count, -c

    Calculate per-word statistics (counts and global weights).

    --dump, -d

    Dump the index, including data offsets and word weights.

    --length, -l

    Report the length distribution.

    --stats, -s

    Report global index statistics. This is the default operation if no other operation is specified.

    --verbose, -v

    Verbose mode. Print more output about what the program does.



    msql2mysql(1), myisamchk(1), myisamlog(1), myisampack(1), mysql(1), mysql.server(1), mysql_config(1), mysql_fix_privilege_tables(1), mysql_upgrade(1), mysql_zap(1), mysqlaccess(1), mysqladmin(1), mysqlbinlog(1), mysqlcheck(1), mysqld(1), mysqld_multi(1), mysqld_safe(1), mysqldump(1), mysqlhotcopy(1), mysqlimport(1), mysqlmanager(1), mysqlshow(1), perror(1), replace(1), safe_mysqld(1) For more information, please refer to the MySQL Reference Manual, which may already be installed locally and which is also available online at  


    MySQL AB ( This software comes with no warranty.




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