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ml85p (1)
  • >> ml85p (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    ml85p - driver for Samsung ML-85G GDI printers


    ml85p [-ERsr] [-f filename] [-t topskip] [-l leftskip]



    The ml85p is a user level driver for the Samsung ML-85G, a GDI printer (winprinter), that can't be driven solely by the resident linux kernel code. It can send to the printer already formated pbmraw image files (with the switch -f) or get data from a pipe, usually generated by ghostscript or other postscript to pbmraw translator.  


    -R reset (only) the printer, to be sent only aftwer power on. To reset and following print a document, see the -r switch.

    -E place the printer in the energy saving state (optional).

    -s simulate the printing process, but write the compressed output to a /tmp/ml85xxxxxxxx file, where the filename suffix is the current time in time_t units (seconds since 12/31/1970). The output file have the following structure: (1) a 4 bytes header with the length in commands of the next block; (2) a block of n * 4 bytes, each group of four representing a data packet (see my articles at; (3) other sequences of (1), and (2).

    -r toggle the reset flag. The default is to reset the printer before printing the given document.

    -t topskip shift the page image to the top by the given pixel units. The default is 150. This is to compensate the shifted images created by ghostscript, with large top and left margins. See also the leftskip adjustment below.

    -l leftskip shift the page image to the left by the given pixel units. The default is 120. The maximum shift allowed here is 1600.

    -f imagefile print from a file instead of receiving from stdin. The file should be a pbmraw image, possibly with several pages concatenated. Image files in this format (pbmraw) are very large and should be avoided, by piping ghostscript output directly to the printer driver.



    Samsung, driver, ghostscript




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