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fork (3)
  • fork (2) ( Solaris man: Системные вызовы )
  • fork (2) ( FreeBSD man: Системные вызовы )
  • fork (2) ( Русские man: Системные вызовы )
  • fork (2) ( Linux man: Системные вызовы )
  • >> fork (3) ( Solaris man: Библиотечные вызовы )
  • fork (3) ( POSIX man: Библиотечные вызовы )
  • Ключ fork обнаружен в базе ключевых слов.
         fork - create a copy of this process
         integer*4 function fork()
         The fork function creates a copy  of  the  calling  process.
         The  only  distinction between the two processes is that the
         value returned to one of them, referred to as  the  'parent'
         process, is the process id of the copy.  The copy is usually
         referred to as the `child' process.  The value  returned  to
         the `child' process is zero.
         All logical units open for writing are  flushed  before  the
         fork  to avoid duplication of the contents of I/O buffers in
         the external files.
         If the returned value is negative, it indicates an error and
         is the negation of the system error code.  See perror(3F).
         A corresponding exec routine has not been  provided  because
         there  is  no  satisfactory way to retain open logical units
         across the exec.  However, the usual function  of  fork/exec
         can be performed using system(3F).
         fork(2), wait(3F), kill(3F), system(3F), perror(3F)

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