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dd-list (1)
  • >> dd-list (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    dd-list - nicely list .deb packages and their maintainers


    dd-list [-hiuV] [--help] [--stdin] [--dctrl] [--version] [--uploaders] [package...]  


    dd-list produces nicely formatted lists of Debian (.deb) packages and their maintainers.

    Input is a list of source or binary package names on the command line (or the standard input if --stdin is given). Output is a list of the following format, where package names are source packages by default:

    J. Random Developer <>
    j-random-package j-random-other
    Diana Hacker <>
    fun-package more-fun-package

    This is useful when you want, for example, to produce a list of packages that need to attention from their maintainers, e.g., to be rebuilt when a library version transition happens.  


    Print brief help message.
    Read package names from the standard input, instead of taking them from the command line. Package names are whitespace delimited.
    Read package information from standard input in the format of a Debian package control file. This includes the status file, or output of apt-cache. This is the fastest way to use dd-list, as it uses the maintainer information from the input instead of looking up the maintainer of each listed package.
    If no Source: line is given, the Package: name is used for output, which might be a binary package name.
    Also list developers who are named as uploaders of packages, not only the maintainers; this is the default behaviour, use --nouploaders to prevent it. Uploaders are indicated with "(U)" appended to the package name.
    Only list package Maintainers, do not list Uploaders.
    Use binary package names in the output instead of source package names (has no effect with --dctrl if the Package: line contains source package names).
    Print the version.


    Lars Wirzenius <> Joey Hess <>




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