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apport-cli (1)
  • >> apport-cli (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    apport-cli - Command line client for reporting problems




    apport-cli -c report

    apport-cli -f -p package

    apport-cli -f -P pid



    apport automatically collects data from crashed processes and compiles a problem report in /var/crash/. This is a command line frontend for reporting those crashes to the developers. It can also be used to report bugs about packages or running processes.

    For desktop systems with a graphical user interface, you should consider installing the GTK or Qt user interface (apport-gtk or apport-qt). apport-cli is mainly intended to be used on servers.

    When called without any options, it processes the pending crash reports and offers to report them one by one. You can also display the entire report to see what is sent to the software developers.



    -c report, --crash-file=report
    Instead of walking over the new crash reports in /var/crash/, report a particular report in an arbitrary file location. This is useful for copying a crash report to a machine with internet connection and reporting it from there.

    -f, --file-bug
    Report a (non-crash) problem. Requires specifying --package or --pid. This will automatically attach information about your operating sytem and the package version etc. to the bug report, so that the developers have some important context.

    -p package, --package=package
    When being used in --file-bug mode, specify the package to report the problem against.

    -P pid, --pid=pid
    When being used in --file-bug mode, specify the PID (process ID) of a running program to report the problem against. This can be determined with e. g. ps -ux.



    apport and the accompanying tools are developed by Martin Pitt <>.




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