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anno (1)
  • >> anno (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )


    anno - annotate messages


    anno [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-inplace]
    [-noinplace] [-date] [-nodate] [-text body]
    [-version] [-help]  


    Anno annotates the specified messages in the named folder using the field and body.

    Usually, annotation is performed by the commands dist, forw, and repl, if they are given the `-anno' switch. This allows you to keep track of your distribution of, forwarding of, and replies to a message.

    By using anno, you can perform arbitrary annotations of your own. Each message selected will be annotated with the lines

        field: date
        field: body

    The `-nodate' switch inhibits the date annotation, leaving only the body annotation.

    If a `-component field' is not specified when anno is invoked, anno will prompt the user for the name of field for the annotation.

    The field specified should be a valid 822-style message field name, which means that it should consist of alphanumerics (or dashes) only. The body specified is arbitrary text.

    Normally anno does the annotation inplace in order to preserve any links to the message. You may change this by using the `-noinplace' switch. ^$HOME/.mh_profile~^The user profile ^Path:~^To determine the user's nmh directory ^Current-Folder:~^To find the default current folder dist (1), forw (1), repl (1) `+folder' defaults to the current folder `msgs' defaults to cur `-inplace' `-date' If a folder is given, it will become the current folder. The first message annotated will become the current message.




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