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5. Run Time Facilities

5.1. Overview

While phhttpd is running it listens to a 'control' socket for messages from the administrator. The currently provided phhttpd_ctl program allows the administrator to minimally interact with phhttpd. This provides both control and status reporting.

phhttpd_ctl always wants a --control argument that specifies the control socket of the running phhttpd daemon. This should match the <control> tag specified in the config file.

5.2. Log Rotating

phhttpd can be told to rotate its logs so that existing logs may be processed.

The --rotate argument to phhttpd_ctl tells phhttpd to rename the existing files to a unique name, open new files with the previously used names, then close the renamed logs and start using the newly created files. phhttpd_ctl will output the names of the newly created files which will be safe to use once the command exits.

The --reopen argument to phhttpd_ctl tells phhttpd to close the existing file logs and reopen the files with the filenames that were configured. This implies that an external entity has moved the files to new names and wants phhttpd to stop using them.

5.3. Status Reporting

The --status argument to phhttpd_ctl tells phhttpd to return a quick status blurb about the server. It contains miscellaneous information about the running state of the server.

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