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Sybase-PHP-Apache mini-HOWTO

Tyson Lloyd Thwaites

Revision History
Revision 1.32001-07-11Revised by: TLT
Fixed example PHP script.
Revision 1.22001-06-13Revised by: TLT
Shane Gelven pointed out an error in the init script paths.
Revision 1.12001-05-29Revised by: TLT
Updated environment configuration section, changed HOWTO name.

This HOWTO explains how to set up a Linux machine to run an Apache web server using PHP to access a Sybase-ASE database.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright and License
2. Install Linux
3. Install Sybase
4. Configure Environment
4.1. Preconfigure Apache
5. Install PHP
6. Install Apache
7. Test the System
8. Post Install Tasks

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