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9. Window Managers and Xinerama

As I mentioned above, a window manager does not need to be written to support Xinerama. However there are certain enhancements which window manager developers can do to make Xinerama users lives easier. Features which I thought were desireable include:

* Intelligent placement of windows.

- Window managers should not place windows in dead areas or across the borders of two heads.

- New windows should be placed in the current desktop.

* Maximizing windows should maximize the window to the current head only.

* Window Movements should have edge resistance between heads (Much like they have resistance to other windows).

* Dialogs and informative messages should not pop up Between Heads.

In my older howto I had listed a lot of Window Managers and their level of support for Xinerama. But most of that information is obsolete now. Most modern window managers support Xinerama to some extent.

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