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Majordomo and MajorCool HOWTO

John Archie

15 November 2000

This document is intended to guide a user through an installation of the Majordomo Mailing List Software and MajorCool. MajorCool is a utility for managing Majordomo lists via a CGI script; many people who are unfamiliar with Majordomo's text-based nature prefer the more user-friendly, web-based interface of MajorCool.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Credits
1.2. References
2. Sendmail
2.1. Aliases
2.2. Editing
2.3. Configuring Using the M4 Configuration
2.4. Sendmail Security Concerns
3. Majordomo
3.1. Preparing to Install
3.2. Editing the Installation Files
3.3. Installing Majordomo
3.4. Creating the Majordomo Aliases
3.5. Testing the Configuration
3.6. Creating Lists
3.7. Further Testing of the Configuration
3.8. Creating Better Aliases
3.9. Debugging
3.10. Majordomo Security Concerns
4. MajorCool
4.1. Extracting MajorCool
4.2. Edit the Configure Script
4.3. Installing MajorCool
5. Frequently Asked Questions
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