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Archive-name: computer-lang/cobol-faq
Posting-Frequency: twice a month
Last-Modified: 2002/05/06
Version: 3.03

                            COBOL FAQ
                  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last-Modified: Spring 2002

The full COBOL FAQ can be viewed at:

If you have comments, corrects, deletions, or additions, please send
private email to:

    wmklein <at>

Toward the top of the FAQ is a pointer to the appendix listing the most
recent significant updates and changes.

This FAQ answers such questions as (and addresses topics such as):

 - Where can I get a COBOL compiler? 
 - Is there a free COBOL compiler? 
 - Where can I contact... ?
 - What is happening with the draft of the next COBOL Standard and what
is in it? 
 - What about OO COBOL? 
 - Books about COBOL
 - COBOL Tools
 - What can/should I post in the COBOL newsgroups?
 - What about USAGE? COMP? Storage for data in xyz format? etc?
 - How do I get started with COBOL? Where can I get education?
Tutorials? Etc

and much, MUCH more

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