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expireover (8)
  • >> expireover (8) ( Linux man: Команды системного администрирования )


    expireover - Expire entries from the news overview database


    expireover [ -e ] [ -f file ] [ -k ] [ -N ] [ -p ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -w number ] [ -z rmfile ] [ -Z lofile ]  


    Expireover expires entries from the news overview database. It reads a list of newsgroup list ( <pathdb in inn.conf>/active). (A file name of ``-'' may be used to specify the standard input.) It then removes any mention of those articles from the appropriate overview database. If ``groupbaseexpiry'' in inn.conf is ``true'', expireover also expires articles. If it's ``false'', ``-e'', ``-k'', ``-N'', ``-p'', ``-q'', ``-w'' and ``-z'' flags are ignored.  


    If the ``-e'' flag is used, then as soon as the first cross posting of the article expires, all overview entries relevant to the article are removed. Note that you cannot use both ``-e'' and ``-k'' flag at the same time.
    When the ``-f'' flag is used, then expireover will use it as newsgroup list instead of <pathdb in inn.conf>/active file. A name of ``-'' is taken to mean the standard input.
    When the ``-f'' flag is used, then articles are removed when they have been expired from all the groups they appear in. Note that you cannot use both ``-e'' and ``-k'' flag at the same time.
    If the storing method has self expire functionality, then the control file is ignored for that article by default. If the ``-N'' flag is used, expireover purges articles and overview entries with the control file.
    Expireover makes its decisions on the time the article arrived by default. This means articles are often kept a little longer than with other expiration programs that base their decisions on the article's posting date. To use the article's posting date, use the ``-p'' flag.
    Expireover normally prints statistics at the end of process. To suppress this action, use the ``-q'' flag.
    Expireover normally checks the existense of articles only if ``EXPENSIVESTAT'' of its storage method is set to ``FALSE''. To do stat all articles regardless of ``EXPENSIVESTAT'', use the ``-s'' flag. See storage.conf(5) for ``EXPENSIVESTAT''.
    Use the ``-w'' flag to ``warp'' time so that expireover thinks it is running at some time other then the current time. The value should be a signed floating point number of the number of days to use as the offset.
    If the ``-z'' flag is used, then articles are not removed, but their toknes are appended to the specified file. See the description of delayrm in news.daily(8).
    If the ``-Z'' flag is used, then the lowest article numbers for each newsgroup after expiry are written to the specified lofile with newsgroup name. This flag can be used when doing ``ctlinnd lomark lofile''.


    Written by Rob Robertson <> and Rich $alz <> (with help from Dave Lawrence <>) for InterNetNews. This is revision, dated 2000/09/05.  


    active(5), ctlinnd(8). inn.conf(5), news.daily(8).




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